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Monthly Outings: Troop 928 has a year-round outings program planned by the Scouts. In addition to our monthly overnight adventures, the Scouts may plan hikes or other activities throughout the school year. Our outings are primarily designed to provide fun, new skills, plus opportunities for advancement and merit badge achievement. To see a list of our planned outings and summer trips, check out the Upcoming Events section on the right, or visit our troop calendar.

Weekly Meetings: Troop 928 holds weekly meetings at White's Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake, TX. Meetings are Mondays from 7:00pm-8:30pm, throughout the school year. Please refer to the Upcoming Events to the right for meeting dates. 

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” - Colin Powell  

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January Campout Jan 22 - 24

Posted on Jan 9 2021 - 3:02pm

The January campout will be to;  open, repair, and mark a one mile section of trail that Troop 928 has adopted at Sid Richardson. This is a part of a multi Troop effort to clear a longer trailer to be used for Philmont training and other activities that would benefit many area troops. Our work on the trail will be conservation service hours for those who need them.

We will leave the church at 18:00 (6:00 pm for you civilians) on Friday. When we arrive at camp, we will set tents, have Cracker Barrel, and then turn in until Saturday morning. Note, we will offer cooking as a patrol for those comfortable. On Saturday, we will have breakfast then begin work on the trail. We will clear limbs, use a weed eater and other tools to clear the trail, and mark the trail so it’s path is evident. We will work until early or mid afternoon. Then, we will prepare dinner, have a campfire, and turn in for some shut eye.

Sunday morning, we will clean up, have Chapel, and return home with a planned arrival at WCUMC at approximately 13:00 (1:00).

Cost is $15

Please be sure to watch the weather and plan accordingly. Camping in January can be a serious affair if you are ill prepared. Dress warm, bring layers, and be prepared for rain.


Who: Troop 928
What: Trail Repair Campout
Where: Sid Richardson, departing from WCUMC
When: 1800 22 Jan to 1300 24 Jan
Why: To do some good work

Are You Tough Enough Campout, Feb 19-21

Posted on Jan 8 2021 - 5:20pm

Event:  Are You Tough Enough Campout

Start: February 19, 2021 - 6:00pm

End: February 21, 2021 - 12:30pm

Location: Camp James Ray remote outpost on Lake Texhoma, Pottsboro, TX

Wilderness Survival:  Scouts that do not have the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge can earn this badge during two Monday meetings and this campout.  You will learn the basics of surviving in the Wilderness with minimal supplies.  You will bring all the materials you need to survive in your day bag.  You will be sleeping in a shelter that you build from supplies found on the remote campsite.  Required Items:  Sleeping Bag, Flashlight, 2 liters Water, Wilderness Survival Go-Bag

Cowboy Survival:  For the older, or more experienced scouts, this is the path for you.  You will only be allowed to carry and use camping and cooking supplies that were invented prior to 1899.  The goal is to survive as a Cowboy did in the late 1800’s while out on a trail.  All cooking and camping supplies must be rustic and something a Cowboy would have used.  Everything you need to survive should be in your possession, including fire building supplies (wooden matches only, absolutely no lighters), camp gear, knife, rope, and water treatment supplies. Do not plan on using a backpack or daybag that has been purchased after 1899.  You will need a tarp as tents were not used and shelters were made out of tarps.   It is required that you bring a sleeping bag, but do not depend on using as it is only for emergency use if temperatures drop.  Plan on using blankets, just as they did on the trail.  Your tarp and bedroll will be used to pack your supplies. All cooking equipment will be ‘rustic’.  You will be cooking on open fires, using dutch ovens, and cast iron supplies.  Food preparations must be authentic for the time period.  There will be competitions to “win” food that will test your camping skills, such as matchless fire building, shelter design, and a few surprise events - as usually happens in trail situations.  Some of the food may be wild game, similar to food that a Cowboy could shoot on the trail.  You will be allowed to use any type of flashlight.  Required Items: Tarp, Sleeping Bag, Flashlight, 2 liters Water

Here are the 5Ws:

Who: Scouts of Troop 928
What: Are you Tough Enough Campout
Where: Camp James Ray, Pottsboro, TX

When: 19-21 Feb, 2021, Cost is $25 per person.
Why: Because it is fun to test yourself in Unique and Different Survival Situations!

****Given the structure and training of this campout, this is NOT a come and go campout. We will be hiking in and staying “somewhere” on the remote property.  There will be no opportunity for late arrivals to join the group on the property, or leaving early.

To All ASMs and parents:  This campout will require more adults than a normal campout since we will be splitting into two groups.  All adults will be able to sleep in their tent, and bring modern amenities - if they desire.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Posted on Jan 3 2021 - 10:24pm

I am happy to report that we completed our Troop Re-Charter in December. That means that your boys are all registered and ready to go for Scouting in 2021.

With the start of the new year, it is time to do a little housekeeping. We have several open Committee positions, including the Committee Chair position which I would like to train/transition in early spring. In order for the troop to continue functioning and providing your boys with Scouting opportunities, we need you to step up immediately and help run this volunteer-based organization.

For those of you that are already involved, we thank you!!! Perhaps in 2021, you’ll consider a more substantial role within the troop.

For those parents that are not yet involved, we thank you in advance for stepping up this year. We really need you to help run the troop.

Please take a movement to read the open job descriptions  and contact me with your committee preferences as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Kristi committeechair@troop928.org

Troop information from the Scoutmaster

Posted on Dec 28 2020 - 1:48pm

As we look to shake off 2020, we have put together our Spring camping plan. Dates and locations are as follows:


January 22nd-24th, Yellow Wolf at Sid Richardson. We will be working to restore a section of hiking trail that Troop 928 has adopted so there will be an opportunity for service related conservation hours. Cost is $20 per person. Leave from the church at 6:00 pm sharp.

February 19th-21st, Camp James Ray on Lake Texoma. This will be our annual Wilderness Survival Campout led by the one and only Michael Sidener. Cost and travel plans will follow soon.

March 5th-7th, Lake Murray. We hope to do fun activities like horseback riding, mini-golf, etc.

April 16th-18th, Shooting Campout at Camp Constantine. Important to note, we have reserved a different campsite where will have to walk further to the ranges, but we hope to reduce our exposure to the onslaught of burrs that have taken over Hooten Hollow, where we typically camp.

May, dates are still be determined, but this is planned to be our annual Kayaking trip. We will update once the location and dates have been confirmed.

Summer Camp

Plans for summer camp are actively underway. Adult leadership has been identified (thank you Jason and Molly). While the location has not been established, the dates have been set to be the week of June 20th-26th. Please save the date.

High Adventure

We do have a High Adventure trek for Philmont for this summer, which is currently full. Our Northern Tier treks were canceled due to the high backlog from both fires and Covid. We are exploring the possibility of a Sea Base trip this summer. If you have an interest, please let Joe Carter know.

We were fortunate enough to draw an early June trek to Philmont on June 9 -16, 2022. This is particularly good news and a highly coveted time to go because it is before football or other late summer activities and snow is very likely to still be on the mountain. More details will follow soon.

YIS, Joe Carter

How to access your personal progress

Posted on Oct 19 2019 - 11:48am

Did you know that your Scouting accomplishments are detailed in a personal progress report? Your report provides a list of completed merit badges, your current rank, plus a list of the requirements you've completed toward your next rank. Check out your progress now: 

  • Click on Troop Roster in the Menu down the lefthand side of the page.
  • Then click on Scouts.
  • Find your name and click on it.
  • Click on the rank next to your name. (Your rank will be in parenthesis.)

Merit Badge counselor information

Posted on Jun 7 2019 - 11:09pm

We made a large number of Merit Badge counselor updates. I encourage all Scouts to click on the Merit Badge Resources link to review the current Merit Badge Counselor list in order to determine the current counselor for your area of interest.

Parents we are always looking for volunteers. We would love to add you to the list of Merit Badge Counselors if your vocation or hobby matches a Merit Badge. Our biggest needs are Camping, Hiking, Environmental Science, Orienteering, and then any Merit Badge for which we have either one or no counselors.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the Merit Badge counselor updates. (click on "read more" to see name and email FF )

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