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Monthly Outings: Troop 928 has a year-round outings program, with an overnight outing every month planned by the Scouts themselves. In addition, the Troop or any of the patrols may plan day hikes or other activities during the year. See the list of outings and dates in our troop calendar. The Troop outings program is designed to provide the Scouts with fun, new skills, and advancement. In addition to meeting requirements for advancing in rank, outings provide opportunities for earning merit badges, including Camping, Hiking, Cooking, Backpacking, Orienteering, Wilderness Survival, and many others.

Weekly Meetings: Troop 928 holds weekly meetings at the White's Chapel United Methodist Church in Southlake, TX. Meetings are every Monday evening from 7:00pm until 8:30pm except during the summer and any special occurrences. Please refer to the Upcoming Events list to the right for more information. 

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Welcome to "The Journey"! 

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” - Colin Powell  

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Will Dyer’s Eagle Project

Posted on Aug 23 2019 - 11:03pm

Will Dyer’s Eagle Project
Bike Safety Day
Saturday, 8/31 from 9-noon
Old Union Elementary School playground - 1050 S. Carroll Ave.
We will help teach bike safety tips to kids and we will run a practice bike course.
I need 8-14 volunteers to run various stations, set up and man the bike course. Volunteers should arrive at 8:00 am. The project and clean up will be done by 12:30 pm. Please wear a Troop 928 red t-shirt, wear sunscreen and bring a water bottle. Donuts will be provided.

Thank you.

Regards, Will Dyer

Saturday, August 31 9:00 - 10:30 – Camp Burnett

Posted on Aug 23 2019 - 11:03pm

Scouts of Troop 928 and Troop 1928,

The September Court of Honor is quickly approaching.  Are you on track to earn your next rank?  Are you ready for the upcoming campout?

Click here for more details

Here is an opportunity to work on the requirements list below for both 2nd class and 1st class advancement.  Please attend if we can help you earn and sign off these requirements. 

Saturday, August 31   9-10:30 – Camp Burnett

 Bring your book - PLEASE READ IT BEFOREHAND for each of the following skills

   Activity shirts (Class B) Uniform

   Water Bottles

 A few requests:

 1) Please contact one of the below if you plan to attend, so I have a head count.

 2) If possible, parents please stay and help.

 3) Please be on time.  We all have busy Saturdays and we need to finish on time.

Troop 928 Confirm with - Mr Etheridge    jletheridge@troop928.org 

Troop 1928 Confirm with - Mr Kester    scoutmaster@troop1928.org

Shooting Sports Campout

Posted on Aug 23 2019 - 11:03pm

Please make sure you have paid for this campout if you are attending. (see directions at the bottom of this announcement)

This campout is limited to 34 Scouts.  The registration will close once the limit has been reached.

Where: Camp Constantin, 3003 Park Rd 36, Graford, TX 76449
Muster: 6:15 PM at WCUMC Scout Shed, Be there in time to check in, load and leave by 6:30 PM (It is about a 2 hour drive)
Return: 1:00 PM at WCUMC Scout Shed

The Troop will be camping at Camp Constantin on September 13-15. The theme of the campout is Shooting Sports. All Youth members of the troop will be eligible to shoot 22 caliber Rifles and shotguns during the event. We will also have the archery range open. The firearms and ammunition will be provided. No personnel firearms or ammunition allowed. The cost is $70 per Scout, $30 per adult. Due to time constraints we are not allocating time for the Adults to Shoot. The Scouts will be assigned to groups so that they can rotate through the 4 activities, Rifle, Shotgun, Archery, and Service Project.

There is a mandatory Scout Safety briefing which will be conducted at the Monday night meeting on September 9, 2019. Scouts attending the campout must complete the training being held on September 9, 2019.

Map of Camp Constantin.


Posted on Aug 23 2019 - 11:02pm

Do you need a new Class B shirt for the new school year?  The Troop Gear Table will be set up at the beginning of the August 26 Troop Meeting and also at the Troop Meeting on September 16.  Please stop by and get any Class B shirts you might need.

Troop Gear includes the red Class B shirts and green fleece jackets, as well as other items.  A full list of available gear and prices can be found on the website menu under Troop Gear.

Contact Suzanne Courson at troopgear@troop928.org with questions.

The importance of doing the little things.

Posted on Aug 23 2019 - 11:02pm

US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven, delivers a speech about the importance of doing the little things like making your bed, embracing the fears of life, and changing the world for generations to come.



Posted on Aug 17 2019 - 4:32pm


Do you want to raise funds for yourself and for your troop? Want to raise a little money to put towards scout campouts and treks? Does extra cash to spend at the Longhorn Council Scout Shop sound good to you? Then SELL SOME POPCORN!

Fundraising in Troop 928 is completely VOLUNTARY, and no scout is obligated, but we hope that ALL scouts will want to participate as this directly affects YOU! 30% of all profits go directly into the scout’s individual troop account. Scouts can also earn REWARDS and PRIZES like Amazon Gift Cards (based on amount of sales). Big sellers actually receive cash back in the form of a personal college scholarship fund!

Popcorn sales to start soon and will go until early October... so start thinking about your neighbors, friends, parents’ coworkers, and even out-of-state friends and relatives (free shipping for all online orders!).

Interested scouts, please contact Mary Kim Mehlman at marykim.mehlman@troop928.org Or you can register with Trails-End (our popcorn sponsor) at https://www.trails-end.com/registration

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